Managing Change through Routine

Depending on your current situation, change is hard. If things are going well, good for you. If not, make a change. In order for change to work for instead of against you, it needs to be managed effectively.

This quarantine presented new changes and with it different challenges. Maybe you’re going through a break up, or you were laid off, or you’re temporarily unemployed from the pandemic. Managing this change will determine your ability to deal.

Get lost in a routine.

Puzzle piece workouts allow you to get lost in a routine you’ve designed yourself. It involves making a list of all the exercises you know and can do without pain. Hopefully you can list at least 10. Separate them into upper body, lower body, and core. Pick 1 exercise from each and plug it into the AMRAP or EMOM formula. Below is my list.

Upper body– Feet elevated push up, pike push up, pull up, burpee, plyometric inchworm, staggered hand push up,

Lower body– Rear foot elevated split squat, lateral lunge, wall sit, uphill lunge, uphill sprint, squat jumps

Core– Sit ups, v ups, hollow rockers, elbow to knee crunches, side plank abductors, plank w/arm and leg distractions.

Take the different pieces and put them together as follows:

Puzzle piece workout #1

EMOM for 10 minutes: 5 Feet elevated push up, 10 rear foot elevated split squats/side, 10 v ups

Puzzle piece workout #2

AMRAP for 8 minutes: 10 pike push ups, 15 squat jumps, 15 hollow rockers

Use this format to control your workouts. You can add as many as you’d like. This is a simple way to organize workouts and you won’t be surprised mid workout with a new move you’re not used to.

It’s still snowing in Upstate New York. I watched the first two episodes of the Chicago Bulls documentary last night, and finished Breaking Bad. Maybe I’ll start Better Call Saul today after my puzzle piece workout. Thanks for reading. This quarantine is getting me down, but the blog helps.

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