No Equipment Workout #9

High speed running (sprinting) involves two phases: acceleration and max velocity. The ability to accelerate and reach highest velocity possible in shortest time is determined by mechanical components of neuromuscular system. Sprinting is a full body workout. Everything from the neck down needs to be tight, engaged, activated, and primed. Apart from speed, there are […]

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Managing Change through Routine

Depending on your current situation, change is hard. If things are going well, good for you. If not, make a change. In order for change to work for instead of against you, it needs to be managed effectively. This quarantine presented new changes and with it different challenges. Maybe you’re going through a break up, […]

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What is Intensity? Part 2

In my previous post I explained the reasoning to organize workouts based on intensity.  While heart rate based training is the gold standard for measuring intensity, this type of training is more useful in repetitive endurance activities. For weight training, a typical set lasts less than a minute, and heart rate isn’t consistent during that […]

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No Equipment Workout #7

This workout takes 14 minutes. Also, it’s snowing again, midway through April. Warm up Strong salutation, Core 1 min/side Elbow to knee oblique crunch, Side plank  x2 Main set 10 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 rear foot elevated split squats Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes.

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No Equipment Workout #6

Warm up: Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Wall sit- Hips and knees at 90°. Hands off legs. Arm circles-P90x style Overhead sumo squats-Squeeze biceps against ears with fingers interlocked and elbows locked out. Reach high, squat low. Inchworm to hip opener- Start in high plank w/wide stance, walk hands backwards while bending knees to […]

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Breaking Down the Burpee

The majority of gym goers don’t have any equipment at home. Since the pandemic shut down all gyms, body weight exercises have come to the forefront. The burpee is the king of those exercises. It involves the most muscles, raises heart rate, and requires the most range of motion to complete correctly. Starting on the […]

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No Equipment Workout #5

Perform each exercise for 1 minute. A1. Elbow to knee crunch (Athleanx does a good YouTube video on this. It’s just hidden somewhere in his ab videos, there isn’t a separate demonstration video and I can’t upload videos on here. A2. Hollow rockers (if low back gets tired, pause and do 1 bridge hold for […]

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